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Fourth quarter of 2022 (Last update 12/4/2022): Due to Covid, I will be giving only online lessons (vibrato and other advanced techniques taught online) until further notice, see below.
Teaching Since 2004
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I have been giving online violin lessons before the Covid pandemic began.   I have found that online lessons can be very successful but I understand that some people may be skeptical of the idea of online violin lessons. For this reason, I don’t require a long term commitment in case you want to test the waters.  You’re welcome to try a couple of lessons to see if they will work out for you.  Please contact me for details.

I have been teaching new and existing students online and that is going well.

Offering violin lessons in St. Paul and Minneapolis:
Falcon Heights

North Oaks
St. Paul & Roseville

View videos of my violin lessons with students from around the Twin Cities Metro, as well as beautiful performances by some of my students and myself:

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The greatest joy of teaching is seeing the musical progress of my students from week to week. Therefore, I adopt strategies to facilitate their growth and find new ways to promote musical progress.   I also like the challenge of learning about my various students because they all grasp music differently.”
 ~Marnie Thies, Suzuki Violin Instructor

St. Paul & Minneapolis Violin Lessons

improve violin sound with lessons in st paul minneapolis

Benefits of Violin Instruction by Marnie (Twin Cities, MN)

  • Continued musical support throughout the week
  • Music instruction on how to practice to increase awareness of musical details such as dynamics, rhythm, intonation and other nuances.
  • Free access to Suzuki Recordings and piano accompaniments for violin pieces
  • Free access to scale tutorials to promote efficient learning of scales which facilitates improved intonation
  • Opportunity to play in 2 recitals per year
  • Violin audition preparation for Greater Twin Cities Youth Symphonies and Minnesota Youth Symphonies
  • Versatility in playing by ear and with music
  • Experience with chinrest and shoulder rest set-up
  • Convenient and economically priced violin rentals and repairs
  • Parent education: Learn how to help your child practice violin at home for maximum musical progress
  • Experience playing with piano and violin
  • Several convenient violin lesson locations throughout the Twin Cities, including Crystal, Falcon Heights, North Oaks, St. Paul, & Roseville

Teaching Videos

Beginner Student Violin Lesson (2018)

Intermediate Student Violin Lesson (2018)

Advanced Student Violin Lesson (2018)

This student placed in the most advanced orchestra of GTCYS Orchestra as an 8th grader and has been my student for 9 1/2 years.