Crystal Violin Lessons

Violin Lessons in Crystal are taught utilizing the Suzuki method.

New Hope, Golden Valley are nearby this location. Students in Minnetonka, Maple Grove, Chanhassen or Edina may want to see if online violin lessons are a fit for them.

St. James Lutheran Church

6700 46th Place N, Suite 125

Crystal, MN 55428

Openings: Lessons are offered in-person at my Falcon Heights location. Online violin lessons available as well.

Violin or fiddle lessons are available online for students five years of age and older.      


Close to highways 100 and 169 MN-near Minneapolis, Robbinsdale, Brooklyn Center, Plymouth, Maple Grove, Brooklyn Park, Golden Valley, Plymouth, Blaine, Coon Rapids & New Hope. Conveniently close to Forest Elementary and Cooper High School.


There is free, spacious parking at this location. The parking lot is adjacent to the church on the West side. After using the main entrance doors continue straight towards the library. The library is located on the right side near the elevator. The library is equipped with soft chairs and a big table.

Minneapolis and Crystal Violin Lessons

What To Expect At Your Violin Lesson in Crystal, MN

violin posture and shoulder rest tips - violin lessons in crystal, mn

Most beginning students start with half hour lessons. For some younger students it is appropriate to begin with 15 minute lessons. An advancing student requires longer lessons to learn advanced techniques such as spiccato, sautillé, ricochet and brush strokes. To supplement the Suzuki method, I use various violin method books which develop note reading and knowledge of higher notes on the violin and double stops (two or more notes played together). Since music is built on scales, I also teach scales to develop proper hand position and intonation.

Many people find different rhythms challenging. Therefore I begin teaching rhythms with simple hand clapping and progress with advancing rhythm techniques. I have found that linking words to different rhythms is helpful for the younger student. I encourage parents and adult students to take two sets of pictures. The first picture connects rhythms to words which is useful for practicing at home. When students are comfortable clapping different rhythms, a second sheet of rhythms without words are introduced for home practice. When a student can clap and play the rhythms without word help, I will know that various rhythms are mastered.

If you are new to playing the violin, I would be happy to help you select a suitable instrument to ensure a rewarding playing experience. I can best guide you as to what to look for in a violin in-person.