Falcon Heights Violin Lessons

Violin Lessons in Falcon Heights employ the Suzuki method.

Nearby cities include Roseville, New Brighton and St. Paul. Students in Woodbury and Maplewood and other twin cities location may prefer lessons online.

Falcon Heights violin lessons minnesota

Falcon Heights United Church of Christ
1795 Holton St., Suite 102
Falcon Heights, MN 55113

I teach at this location on Mondays.  If you wanted to try a couple of lessons to see how things go at the standard rate, that would be fine.  Online lessons are also an option.
If you are looking for violin or fiddle lessons, I teach music students five years and older as well as adults.

Violin lessons in Falcon Heights can be found between Hwy 36 and Como Park, between Snelling and Lexington Avenue-near Roseville, North St. Paul, Arden Hills and near Har Mar Mall and the Minnesota State Fair Grounds. I am near Falcon Heights Elementary.

Free ample parking is available on the north side of the church near the main entrance doors. Take a left after entering the church and proceed to the library located on the left side. I teach in the library which has two sofas, many soft chairs and two tables.

What To Expect At Your Violin Lesson in Falcon Heights, MN

Most people start with half hour lessons, depending on a student’s maturity level. More advanced students require longer lessons to learn techniques such as vibrato, spiccato (getting the bow off the string) and other off the string bow strokes. I emphasize technique at all levels of violin study. I use various supplemental method books to develop technique and note-reading. Since music is based on scales, I also teach them as it develops better intonation.

I find that rhythm is challenging for many people.  Therefore I introduce rhythms in all stages of violin study so they are easier to play as a student gets more advanced.  The method I use involves linking various rhythms to words.  I encourage parents and adult students to take pictures of rhythms associated with words for home practice. When a student is comfortable with clapping different rhythms, I introduce a sheet with assorted rhythms to test their mastery.

If you haven’t played the violin before, I would be happy to help you select a suitable instrument to help ensure a pleasurable playing experience.  I can best guide you as to what to look for in a violin when we meet.