Online Violin Lessons

Online Violin Lessons

Online violin lessons are not new to me.  I have been teaching online before the pandemic began.  Since the beginning of Covid, everyone is getting better at teaching and learning online.  Students, parents and teachers know that much more can be accomplished online than we thought.  A couple of my students have     improved their vibrato through online lessons.  Others have began studying the violin with me and have a good understanding of violin technique.  My students and I are discovering that online lessons are more convenient for everyone. 

Why Online Violin Lessons?

Much time and many miles are saved driving to lessons.  As a result, many of my students would like to continue online lessons after Covid is no longer a concern.  For in person lessons, having the option of being online enables students the ability to learn at home when there is inclement violin lessons

What do the online Suzuki violin lessons include?

Professional orchestra audition preparation-This should start as soon as the student is ready.  By studying them early, polishing the excerpts in the future is easier.

Instructions on how to practice-Knowing how to practice is a skill acquired over time.  I am passionate about saving my students practice time.  In the lessons I demonstrate efficient ways to practice.  Practicing efficiently will yield faster results.  As a result, students are more motivated to play.

Understanding music theory Knowledge of music theory is crucial to learning new violin pieces.  Theory includes understanding notes and various rhythms.  By grasping notes and rhythms, students will play more as one person instead of many people.  It is pretty common for people to play different rhythms at the same time.

Keeping a steady tempo-Playing a piece at the same speed helps students play together as a group.

Playing violin scales-helps develop accurate intonation on the violin.  Since scales are the building blocks of music, pieces can be learned more efficiently.

Continued musical support throughout the week-helps students improve more quickly.  As a result, more lesson time is spent working on other technique and music.

Guidance on learning how to play by ear-helps the student develop a better sense of pitch.  By knowing if a note is out of tune, a student will sound better when playing by themselves and with others.  As a result,  intonation is better.