Some of the greatest reviews of my teaching come in the form of wonderful letters from parents with happy students who have new confidence and excellent results and success.

Learning to play their violins with great skill is a testament to my student’s hard work, and also a reflection of my teaching & guidance.  I have students both young and old of whom I am so proud.

It is always very rewarding to receive letters and emails from students or parents thanking me. I take great pride in what I do, and love teaching the violin and sharing my passion for the instrument.

As a teacher, it is another proud moment for me when I get to congratulate my students for achieving the next higher chair in their school orchestra or symphony or perhaps auditioning for the Greater Twin Cities Youth Symphonies or Minnesota Youth Symphonies.

The youth symphonies feature many great young classical musicians, and I am proud to say that some of those Symphonies have my students in them.

Below are a few notes of thanks and reference.

Reviews & Letter of Thanks

Marnie is a very thoughtful teacher who puts a lot of thought into how she presents the material. She is supportive and driven to help her students. Her lessons are engaging, useful, and she is very patient. The amount of information that I never knew from other classes, I found out through Marnie Thies!

-O. Hass

Marnie is very dedicated to her students! Our son progressed quickly under her guidance and went on to play at a very high level.

-L. Mikesell

I didn’t realize how well this would work for us. We are working on violin fundamentals successfully with Marnie on Skype and making a lot of important progress – would absolutely recommend her!

-E. Meyers

I am an adult begin

I am an adult beginner taking lessons from Marnie Thies. She has been very patient with me. Marnie listens attentively to my playing and has creative suggestions for how I can improve. I like that she encourages me to share a video of my playing between lessons and makes the time to give me helpful feedback. When she noticed I was feeling frustrated, she reached out immediately. She always has a positive attitude and shares her love of the violin each week.

-L. Rud

“This is a long overdue review as I can’t say enough on how lucky we are to have Marnie as my son’s violin teacher since he started to play violin seriously! Marnie’s violin lesson is such an enjoyable, educational and rewarding experience to my young boy – he not only learns to play violin well but also learns to be a humble, caring, open-minded, responsible and hardworking people just like Marnie! Can’t wait to see her more during the in-person lesson after the pandemic is over.”

–N. Lu

“Marnie has been teaching both our children violin for past 3 years and it has been an amazing journey. After their first violin teacher moved to another state both the kids struggled with motivation but since starting their lessons with Marnie they have connected back to violin. Marnie encouraged them to participate in violin events. They have excelled at both Federation performances and have been part of GTCYS as well for past 3 years moving through various levels. We have also noticed that kids now take their own initiative in practicing as well and that is ‘a big deal’. Our son has already moved in school to the Chamber orchestra and he is just going to 9th Grade. We look forward to the continued progress of both of our kids musical journeys and this would not be possible but for patient and persistent teaching and guidance from Marnie.”

–N. Sharma

“Started violin lessons a year ago and Marnie has been great. She’s a great help with my tone and technique, and I think I sound pretty good.”

–D. Winker

“We are grateful to have Marnie as a violin instructor for our daughter. She has a kind, warm personality and plays the violin beautifully, which inspires our daughter to be a better violinist. Marnie provides valuable tips on how to practice and problem solve. She encourages our daughter to try new techniques and is patient as she learns challenging skills. Marnie makes sure that we have the appropriate tools to be successful and that our instrument is fit for playing. We would highly recommend Marnie as a teacher.”

— J. Prudhomme

“Marnie is a skilled violin teacher. Our daughter has been taking violin lesson for 1.5 years. She is patient, open to different types of teaching styles and very easy to talk to. Marnie uses the Suzuki teaching method that includes the parent in lessons and provides guidance with how to practice at home. We are extremely happy with our daughter’s progress and highly recommend Marnie.

–R. St. George

“I am a violin student of Marnie Thies at the Roseville location. I had played the violin for 3 years in middle school prior to starting lessons with Marnie. Last year upon graduating Pharmacy school (15 years later) I decided to start playing the violin again. From our very first lesson Marnie was patient and made the lesson about my violin playing. For example, when she asked me to play a song which I knew I wasn’t able to play yet, I openly told her and she redirected our lesson to practicing scales. At that moment I observed her respectfulness towards her students and her ability to empower them. I knew I had found the perfect violin instructor to guide me.

“At each lesson we start out reviewing material that I was assigned to practice the previous week. We then progress to additional content. During our lessons I have been practicing vibrato (moving your finger back and forth on the fingerboard for a richer sound) which I have seen great improvement with each lesson. Upon reviewing videos of my playing from a year ago to today I am amazed at the tremendous progress that I have observed in myself as a violinist. Marnie has demonstrated her amazing ability to meet the needs of her students at various levels of playing. I cannot say enough of how grateful I am for her guidance. I highly recommend Marnie as a violin instructor for both children and adults.”

–A. McDonald

“We are very fortunate to have Marnie as both our kids’ violin teacher! Our son started with Marnie when he was 5, almost seven years ago and always looks forward to his classes. Marnie researches a lot about multiple ways to deal with different kids. Also, she is very knowledgeable and patient. Would recommend Marnie for sure!!”

–L. Narayanankutty

“Marnie Thies is an excellent violin teacher. Our 7-year-old daughter currently takes lessons from Marnie using the Suzuki method. Marnie is very open to discussions on her progress and provides new and different methods to help our daughter grow, learn and stay engaged. She goes above and beyond to research on innovative teaching methods for different types of learners. She teaches kids as well as adults and is a patient and kind teacher. I highly recommend her.She also offers violin rentals, repairs, and sales which is very convenient for new students.”

–M. Hoelzel

“Elizabeth came in to see me this afternoon after school today. She played me a few songs I selected from her Book 2 orchestra method book. She did very well! I have seen an improvement with her bow distribution and her overall playing technique. She seems MUCH more confident than when I had her before. I really think the individual violin lessons with Marnie have been a GREAT thing for Elizabeth.” “Elizabeth informed me that she and Marnie have started working into Book 3 and shifting. I recommend continuing with lessons with Marnie through the end of this school year, for sure, and if you can, into this summer!”

— Allison Johnson Orchestra Director, Lake & Cottage Grove Middle Schools (South Washington County Schools)

“I have found Marnie to have the highest education and certifications in her field both as a professional violinist, and as a teacher of the highest level. As a former educator myself, she exceeded my expectations as a student, and I was very impressed with her teaching ability. Marnie displays a high level of patience with new students and advanced students alike, which provides an excellent learning environment.”

— Michael J.C., third year student, age 69

“I am a Kindergarten- 5th Grade music teacher. I started taking lessons with Marnie last spring. I am impressed with her teaching skills and level of knowledge. Marnie is a very caring and intelligent teacher. She understands what her students need and meets them at their level. I highly recommend Marnie Thies for those searching for a violin teacher in the twin cities area!!”

–Stephanie M.