St. Paul Violin Lessons

Como Park Lutheran Church

1376 Hoyt Ave W, Suite 116

St. Paul, MN 55108

St. Paul violin lessons are located near Roseville-close to Snelling Avenue — near Falcon Heights close to the Minnesota State Fair grounds and Har Mar Mall.  I am near Chelsea Heights Elementary. After entering the church through the main entrance, go upstairs and proceed to the left down the hallway.

Free parking is available on the east side of the church near the main entrance doors.

st paul and roseville violin lessons

I give violin or fiddle lessons in St. Paul close to Roseville. My teaching room is in the spacious chapel which has pleasing acoustics. It has many chairs and a piano which is helpful for readying students for recitals.

What To Expect At Your Violin Lesson in St. Paul or Roseville, MN

professional violin lessons for all ages in north oaks st paul mn

Most people start with half hour lessons but this is dependent on the student’s maturity. As a student gets more advanced, they need longer lessons to develop techniques such as vibrato, spiccato (getting the bow off the string) and other off the string bow strokes. Technique is emphasized at all stages of violin study. Various supplemental method books develop reading and playing in higher positions, double stops (playing two or more notes together) and scales. Scales develop better intonation and establish correct hand position.

Many people find different rhythms challenging. Therefore I begin teaching rhythms with hand clapping and proceed with more complex rhythms. I have found that linking words to different rhythms is helpful for the younger student. I encourage parents and adult students to take two sets of pictures. The first picture connects rhythms to words which is useful for practicing at home. When students are comfortable clapping different rhythms, a second sheet of rhythms without words are introduced for practicing at home. When a student can clap and play the rhythms without word help, I will know that the student has mastered various rhythms.

If you are a beginning violin student I would be happy to help you select an appropriate violin to ensure a pleasurable playing experience. I can best explain what to look for in an instrument when we meet.