Violin FAQs

What method do you use to teach?

I primarily use the Suzuki method as it has been a well-established, sequential and proven method for studying the violin.  Suzuki violin books as well as supplemental technique books are used.

What levels do you teach?

I teach all levels of violin from beginning to concertos.  I have taught a number of special needs children.

What length of lesson should I have?

Most beginners take 30 minute lessons.  However, some very young children start with fifteen minute lessons and progress to a 30 minute lesson.  As a student advances, more lesson time is usually needed to work on more difficult pieces and/or techniques.

Should piano lessons be taken before studying the violin?

Some people may feel differently about this but I don’t feel that it is necessary to take piano before starting violin lessons.

What performance opportunities are available for your students?

Students have the option to play in two recitals a year. I may occasionally have students play for other people after or before their lessons to gain performance opportunities.  In addition to the recitals, all of my students have the option of participating in the East Suburban Federation of Music Clubs which is a chapter of the Minnesota Federation of Music Clubs.  Several of my students are in Minnesota Youth Symphonies and Greater Twin Cities Youth Symphonies.  During the year, I help my students prepare for their auditions for these orchestra programs.

What do I look for in renting/buying a violin?

This can best be explained in the first lesson as I will need to point to different parts of the violin, which if set up right, will make it easier for the student to play the violin.

Do you rent violins?

Yes, starting with the 1/16 size, violins are available to rent.  One hundred percent of the money paid into an instrument will be credited to the next size. Visit this page for more information or contact me if you have any questions about where to go.